An advocacy-based coping skills approach for adults, teens, and clinicians.

Misophonia Matters is an advocacy-based coping skills class, book, and workbook for adults, teens, and clinicians by long-time advocate Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond. Shaylynn has been advocating for misophonia since 2015 and moved to a career in counselling based on her experiences as a misophonia advocate and sufferer of the disorder. The Misophonia Matters approach includes advocacy, psychoeducation, sensory-based skills, and cognitive and psychological skills. Worksheets are presented throughout the program. Central to Misophonia Matters is the idea that while we cannot treat and prevent misophonia, we can learn to navigate and adapt to our world through accommodation, coping skills, and an empathetic advocacy-based approach.

Available in ebook and print.

The Misophonia Matters Adult and Teen Self-Help and Clinical Workbook is designed as an accompanying material to the Misophonia Matters approach and can be used in conjunction with the book, or on its own provided that the practitioner has participated in training or read the book.